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Ocean Containers Trading SL

Ocean Containers, SL

Ocean Containers Trading S.L. is the branch of the group Ocean Containers Trading S.L representing locally the company in Southern Europe and Latin America for the operations of rent and sale of maritime containers. We combine our experience at the local level with the synergy of having our headquarters in Shanghai where the Chinese production factories are.

We can offer a very competitive service and prices by taking advantage of the Knowhow and our contacts with shipping companies thus positioning the containers in any European warehouse, with a Minimum impact on the cost of the operation.

Our office is located in Barcelon and we have a distribution network of containers and warehouses throughout the South of Europe. In addition to offering new standard containers of 20’and 40’Dry Van we offer a wide variety of containers from refrigerated to storage like the 45’Pallet wide High Cube (Containers with measures equivalent to a trailer with load capacity of 33 Europalets) up 10 ‘and 8’ (widely used for storage or self-storage) both for sale and rent.

Ocean Containers Trading S.L. is your container specialist, which will surprise you with its specific knowledge, excellent service, large fleet and unbeatable rates.