Our History
Ocean Containers Trading SL

Sale of Marine Containers

Ocean Containers Trading S.L was founded in 1996 in China under the name of Grand View Development. Nowadays, it is one of the most important container suppliers in the world. Specializing in the supply of new containers, Ocean Containers Trading S.L is headquartered in Shanghai where you will find the world’s largest port and most container factories in the world.

Ocean Containers Trading S.L has been supplying all over the world for years. Apart from the new 20 ‘ and 40’ Dry Van container equipment, Ocean Containers Trading S.L provides all types of containers from refrigerated to tank container or flatrack. Containers adapted to each client’s needs are also supplied depending on the specific project.

Ocean Containers Trading S.L has a network of branches all over the world. We currently have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Miami and Barcelona.

Ocean Containers Trading S.L currently supplies more than 10,000 new containers a year, not counting the self-supply of containers for its own fleet of sister company UES international HK.

UES international HK has at present a fleet of about 300,000 TEUs being the 8th company of rent (Teu’s lessor) of containers worldwide.

Ocean Containers Trading S.L continues its growth both at container level and increasing day to day level of service offered to our customers. We continue to expand the network of customers and collaborators as well as the possibilities of product types and modifications.